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Benefits of Bankruptcy

Skilled Legal Help from a Long Island Bankruptcy Lawyer

For those under severe financial duress, filing for bankruptcy has many benefits. The key benefit is that a bankruptcy case can eliminate your overwhelming unsecured debt, wiping the slate clean to give you a new start. If you are snowed under excessive credit card debt, mortgages, payday loans, medical or dental bills, utility bills, and other forms of unsecured debt, a bankruptcy may be the optimum solution for you. It gives you the opportunity to start over using smart money management to rebuild your life and your future.

An added benefit to eliminating a portion or all of your debt is the relief you will experience by the automatic stay imposed by the bankruptcy court. This will eliminate creditor harassment of all types, including letters, phone calls, threatened legal action and more from those creditors to whom you owe money, including collection agencies. The automatic stay will halt wage garnishments, lawsuits, repossessions, and foreclosures. You will gain the needed time to catch up on the overdue payments of your secured credit, in the form of mortgages and auto loans, with a Chapter 7 or 13 filing.

Regain Financial Control

A bankruptcy filing ends up by putting you back in control of your financial scene. Possibly one of the worst effects of overwhelming debt is the feeling that your life has spun out of control, leaving you without the ability to handle it. Many people suffer needlessly for far too long, falling deeper and deeper into debt before taking action to remedy their situation. They may feel too embarrassed or dismayed by the prospect of bankruptcy, may have misconceptions about what is involved and how it will affect their future, or merely be in a state of denial. Understanding your options is vital in such circumstances and no one understands that better than an experienced bankruptcy attorney who deals with these issues on a daily basis. As a NYC/Long Island bankruptcy lawyer who has been helping clients for decades, Mr. Perano has the extensive knowledge and experience needed to provide the direction you need.

Whether it is a Chapter 7 which may conclude after a few months or a Chapter 13 which concludes after 3 to 5 years, you can wind up finally in charge of your life and your finances. Through sound financial planning and management, you can move forward into a more prosperous future. Contact the Law Firm of Anthony J. Perano to find the answers you need concerning all of your debt problems today.